Brexit Vote

Important Margin Requirement announcement due to Brexit Referendum “To safeguard the interest of its clients during Brexit referendum, Uniglobe Markets is increasing the required margin on financial instruments ” The UK Brexit will be placed on 23th of June, Uniglobe Markets is expecting very high volatility during this period (Before and after the 23th of June). The margin requirements changes will be applicable from the 17th of June to the period after the 23th of June. Please find below the details of margin changes: • Major currency pairs of GBP to 2% (1:50) • Minor currency pairs of GBP to 4% (1:25) • Exotic currency pairs including GBP 8% (1:12.5) • All Other Currency pairs to 1% (1:100) • Commodities to 2% (1:50) • Indexes to 4% (1:25) In case you are trading these financial instruments with Uniglobe Markets, you are recommended to re-calculate the margin requirements for all your positions and take all the necessarily precautions and actions needed to secure your trading. Uniglobe Markets does not take any responsibilities of loses caused by the liquidation of the positions (Stop Out) due to the margin requirement changes. For any clarification, please contact your account Manager or our Support Team.  
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