Money Managers


We welcome partnerships with Fund Managers.

After the necessary appraisal of your funds we will be happy for you to trade on behalf of your clients on an undisclosed or disclosed basis. We will also offer you the opportunity of promoting your services through our site.

The key features and benefits are;

•  We provide you with the Daily Pips Markets Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)  software.

• PAMM  enables the Asset Manager to allocate funds in his/her accounts by diversifying the investment across different strategies.

• Flexibility to the Asset Manager by eliminating the possibility of human error in the distribution of trades.

•  Ability to trade all of your accounts via one master account on the Daily Pips Markets MT4.

•  Promotions of your services via our website and publish your performance if requested.

•  Tightest spreads and rebates on your trades.

•  Ability to use EA’s in managing your accounts.

•  Minimum amount required in order to use the EliteMarkets PAMM is $1000 per account.

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